Conceptualization of Higher Education Institutions (HEI) as a Service System Using S-D Logic Lens


  • Sara Shafaqat PhD Scholar (Management), University of Management and Technology, Pakistan
  • Abdul Rashid Kausar Professor of School of Business and Economics, UMT, Pakistan
  • Syed Ahmad Ali Assistant Professor of School of Business and Economics, UMT, Pakistan



Entities, Resources, Networks, Management, G-D logic, S-D logic and Service system


This qualitative study provides a tentative theory of university as a service system using the S-D logic lens. Presently, the universities are working under G-D logic, where the networks & entities are performing under the different agendas to contribute to the whole ecology with the approach of unilateral transfer of services/resources. However, the organizational effectiveness highly depends on actively interacting with its internal and external networks to seek valuable resources to ensure its functioning through a shared worldview. Therefore, universities need to develop an architecture of participation where actors connect and collaborate through a shared vision. The results of G-D logic-based university system revealed the dominant factors; “the behaviour of people” which is opportunistic, and “dealings” have been done in self-interest, as the system is complex and based on indirect interactions. This study presents a solution by the conceptualization of universities as service system; the propositions reveal a mechanism of resource integration through which entities and networks link resources through forming the value proposition for mutual benefits. Thereby, this mechanism may be used as “transparent check of governance” in which all the public and private university system’s constraints may be mitigated by the application of S-D logic.