The Impact of Job Stress on Turnover Intentions–The Moderating Role of Emotional Intelligence


  • Farah Naz Burki Research Scholar at Institute of Management Studies University of Peshawar.
  • Naimat U. Khan Assistant Professor, Institute of Management Studies University of Peshawar.
  • Imran Saeed Assistant Professor, IBMS, University of Agriculture Peshawar.



Job stress, Turnover intentions, Emotional intelligence, Banking Sector


The study examines the relationship between job stress and turnover intentions with the moderating role of emotional intelligence. The questionnaire survey is conducted with a sample of 153 employees of the banking sector in Pakistan. Two methods are used in this study to test the moderation effect i.e. Baron and Kenny’s (1986) technique and the Process method of Andrew F. Hayes (2013). The results show that job stress and turnover intentions are positively related to each other whereas emotional intelligence has no moderating role between them. Based on the findings, it is proposed that organizations should focus on making active policies towards stress management so that employees’ turnover intentions can be reduced ensuring an encouraging working environment.