Impact of Abusive supervision, Ostracism and Workplace bullying on employee performance with moderating effect of Spiritual Intelligence


  • Zara Tahir Lecturer, Faculty of Management Sciences, International Islamic University Islamabad
  • Fatima Bashir Lecturer, Air University School of Management, Air University Islamabad
  • Saadullah Shah Ph.D. Scholar, Institute of Management Studies, University of Peshawar, Peshawar



Abusive supervision, Ostracism, Workplace bullying, Spiritual intelligence, Employee performance.


The purpose of this study is to present an analysis on the impact of the organizational factors such as abusive supervision, Ostracism and work place bullying on the performance of and employee. We have also tested the moderating impact of the spiritual intelligence on the relationship between these organizational factors and the employee performance. The survey was conducted in the banking sector of Pakistan. Questionnaire distribution method was used to conduct this research. The total numbers of respondents were 365 in which the respondents were professionals belonging to different banks. The findings of this research paper indicate that due to the presence of factors such as employees get demotivated and their performance lowers down. But if they have high spiritual intelligence their experiences can be enhanced at their work place. This paper encourages the companies that they should on the development and promotion of the spiritual intelligence and policies that support employees to change work attitudes.