An Empirical Investigation of Factors that Impede the Purcase of Packaged Milk in Pakistan


  • Hannan Afzal UIMS, PMAS Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
  • Noshaba Batool Associate Professor, Air University School of Management, Islamabad
  • Nasir Hussain CFO, Rockville Group Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Shabbar Husssain Assistant Professor, The Millennium University College, Islamabad, Pakistan



Price Unfairness, Sensory Appeal, Product Quality, Deception in ads, Purchase Intention, Packaged Milk


Understanding clients and their consumption patterns, as well as the factors that influence their decisions, is all that matters in today's increasingly saturated, competitive, and savvy market. The goal of this study is to look into the reasons that make it difficult for customers to purchase packaged milk. A total of 800 questionnaires were distributed to milk buyers, with 587 of them being comprised in study who favored fresh milk. The convenience sampling method was utilized. All of the study's components, such as perceived price unfairness, low sensory appeal, perceived poor product quality, and perceived deception in ads influenced the attitude of milk purchasers, which in turn influenced their purchase intention. The findings of this study will help marketing executives at milk processing businesses better grasp the dynamics as they design strategies.