The Twin Shocks for Banking Sector in an Emerging Economy: Corona-Pandemic and Digital Transformation


  • Filza Hameed Assistant Professor, Business Adminisration University of Kotli Azad Jammu and Kashmir
  • Muhammad Mudassar Anwar Assistant Professor, Commerce University of Kotli Azad Jammu and Kashmir
  • Qurratulain Khan Assistant Professor, Public Administration University of Kotli Azad Jammu and Kashmir
  • Aneeqa Afaq Lecturer; University of Kotli Azad Jammu and Kashmir



Coronavirus, Pandemic, Emerging Economy, Financial Institutions, Digital Transformation


Purpose-Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic jolted the corporate as well various other sectors of the economies. Since pandemic-stricken damage possibly threatens survival as well sustenance of financial institutions, economic stability as well security, and regulatory mechanism as well discipline across nations-developing or developed. As the corona crisis is most probably expected to continue and research studies in emerging economies are scarce in nature pertaining to the COVID-19 epidemic and banking sector. Given this important gap in the literature, this study mainly focuses on theoretically investigating how banks coped to regulate their financial services in times of coronavirus as policymakers recommended that public needs for financial services need to be safely met by utilizing digital channels.

Findings-As this has now become an urgent priority for public service providers to digitally transform their services. But non-existence and/or availability of poor digital infrastructure makes it difficult for the banking sector to fully digitally transform itself and gain associated benefits.

Implications-The current study’s useful insights are expected to inspire both scholars as well practitioners to understand COVID-19 and the emergent need for digital transformation as twin shock for the banking sector from an emerging economy’s perspective.