Synthesizing corporate social responsibility concepts and its impact on building soft image for firms: A review of relevant hypotheses


  • Zahid A.Memon et al., Associte Professor, Mehran University Institute of Science, Technology, and Development (MUISTD), MUET, Jamshoro



Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR Disclosure, CSR Value of Firm, CSR Additional Cost


Corporate social responsibility is a concept whereby corporations contribute voluntarily to societal well-being. Corporate social responsibility is a highly debated topic by academics, business professionals, and scholars of social sciences. The purpose of this paper is to investigate the link between corporate social responsibility concepts and firms’ soft image and suggest the limitations of extant literature on CSR. This study reviews and summarizes the existing knowledge on corporate social responsibility (CSR). Academics and practitioners used both empirical and theoretical models to understand CSR. It is not convenient and feasible to review all extant literature on CSR; hence, key studies are included (i-e mainly empirical in nature). Keywords were developed based on review questions and final selection of specific papers based on contents of abstract. The findings suggest a positive link between firm image and activity of social responsibility. CSR helps to create a soft image for the firm and for their products that open up further avenues for firms to stay in business. In addition, the review suggests reasons for inconsistent results and their possible remedies for upcoming work on the subject. Overall, the paper contributes to understanding and linking CSR with marketing. The suggestions based on review are instrumental for managers working at local and international organizations. It further guides on the importance of local/ regional and /or other traditional activities that might become part of CSR to elevate business status in different contexts.