Religious Compulsion and Carnage: Contemporary Discourses in the Context of Middle East


  • Farooq Hassan et al., 1Post doc. Georgetown University (USA), Associate Professor, Department of Humanities, NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi Pakistan



No Religious compulsion, Contemporary Middle-East, Islamic legal heritage, varying interpretation


Why certain Islamic legal principles have been misinterpreted and also misunderstood by the Muslims and followers of other religions. When the Pope Benedict XVI spoke (in Germany, 2006) about the verse (Qur'an 2:26)"no compulsion in religion", which created havoc among the Muslims all over the world. While discussing the reasoning in Islamic Jurisprudence, the concept of maqasid al-Sari'a of al-Satibi's (d.1388 CE) has been quoted by Muslims so as to justify suicide bombing, forced conversion and to do away with hudud by liberals and to act in between two limits by moderates. Reports illustrate that the Islamic State (IS) is brutally killing and terrorizing religious minorities in their occupied territories. This paper indicates that IS stance is contradictory to much Islamic ideology, as the Qura'nic notion (9:119) of always telling the truth. Moreover, Muslim young blood was instigated to serve IS, without parents' consent, which is strictly forbidden.