Unethical Leadership, Moral Disgust and Workplace Deviance in the Public Sector Universities of Pakistan


  • Arif Hussain Shah Syed International Islamic University, Islamabad, IIUI
  • Tazeem Ali Shah International Islamic University, Islamabad IIUI


Unethical Leadership; Moral Disgust; Workplace Deviance


Purpose-The research is intended to find out the impact of unethical leadership on workplace place deviance and moral disgust. Furthermore, the study also evaluated the impact of moral disgust on workplace deviance. The study also evaluated the mediating role of moral disgust in the relationship between unethical leadership and workplace deviance.

Design/Methodology/Approach-This longitudinal study is quantitative. The study utilized existing scales to test the proposed mode. Data for the study was gathered from 305 faculty members of different universities in Pakistan.

Findings-Results of this study show a positive relationship between unethical leadership with workplace place deviance and moral disgust. In addition, the data also supported a positive relationship between moral disgust and workplace place deviance. The findings of this study also indicate that the relationship between unethical leadership and workplace place deviance is mediated by moral disgust.

Originality/Value of research-The results of this study is important because this is the first study in the context of the public sector universities of Pakistan that investigates the interrelationship between unethical leadership, moral disgust, and workplace place deviance.

Limitations-The sample size, a limited number of variables involved in constructing the model of the study, and data collected from one education sector only are some of the limitations of the current study.

Author Biography

Tazeem Ali Shah, International Islamic University, Islamabad IIUI

Dr. Tazeem Ali Shah is an Assistant Professor in Department of Business Administration,

Faculty of Management Sciences

at International Islamic University, Islamabad.

He is my PhD Supervisor