Entrepreneurship and Value Creation: Curriculum at Macro, Meso, and Micro level


  • Muhammad Junaid et al., Assistant professor, Institute of Management Studies, University of Peshawar




Value Creation, Entrepreneurial Learning, Entrepreneurial Process, Mac-ro Curriculum, Meso Curriculum, Macro Curriculum, Cognitive Apprenticeship Model


The paper advances the idea of entrepreneurship as value creation in a conceptual framework on macro, meso and micro levels with regards to value creation for oneself and others. To bridge together the three conceptual levels to which thus far too little at-tention has been made, the authors first weave together literature on value creation from fields of economics, sociology, Strategic Management and psychology in a framework to generate inputs for macro-level curriculum. The overarching and embedded nature of business generation model allows us to introduce the mechanisms for infusing value creation at meso level to operate within the institutional boundaries of the curriculum in consultation with salient stakeholders. In the same vein, at the micro level, the Harmonized model of the entrepreneurial process which reconciles seemingly con-tending views of Causation, effectuation, and Bricolage is proposed to generate input for micro-level curriculum at the classroom level. Finally, the paper reviews germinal learn-ing theories which afford a roadmap for the transition from the current practice of teaching to the desirable level of value creation based pedagogies.