In-community Stakeholders Participation in the Developmental Projects Implementation: The Case of Participatory Development in Pakistan


  • Shahid Habib 1Assistant Professor, Department of Governance and Public Policy, National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad, Pakistan


Participatory development, participatory approaches, participatory ladder


Purpose - This research aims to examine the level of participation of in-community stakeholders in the implementation of developmental projects in Pakistan, with a focus on participatory development.

Study Design/Methodology/Approach -The study has employed a qualitative methodology, using in-depth interviews and focus group discussions with stakeholders from selected communities in Pakistan. The data collected were analyzed using thematic analysis to identify patterns and themes in the stakeholders' experiences and perceptions of participation in developmental projects.

Findings - The findings reported that limited capacity and resources, as well as a lack of political will and support, can hinder the effectiveness of community participation in developmental projects. Involving local community stakeholders in the planning and implementation of developmental projects increases the chances of project success and sustainability. Engaging with community stakeholders can also improve transparency and accountability in project implementation, reducing the risk of corruption and mismanagement.

Originality/Value - The findings of this research have contributed to understanding the factors that influence in-community stakeholders' participation in developmental projects and provide insights into the effectiveness of participatory development approaches in Pakistan. The results of this research were useful for policymakers and development practitioners in designing and implementing more inclusive and effective developmental projects in Pakistan.

Research Limitations/Implications - The findings of research in one specific area of Islamabad, Pakistan may not be applicable or transferable to other regions or countries.