A Study of Emotional Intelligence Based Instructional Leadership Styles and related Indicators at University Level in Pakistan


  • Irfan Bashir et al., Head Dept. of Education, Lahore Institute of future Education




Instructional Leadership, Higher Education, University Academic Leadership, Emotional Intelligence


The paper aimed to explore the use of different indicators of Emotional Intelligence based six leadership styles by the Heads of the Departments (HoDs) of Higher Education Institutes of Pakistan. Furthermore, the purpose was to compare self-report of HoDs regarding leadership styles and opinion of the faculty about leadership styles used by HoDs. This descriptive research used a random sampling technique to select 120 HoDs and 240 faculty members from various faculties and departments of 5 public and 5 private Sector universities of Punjab. The study used 5 point Likert Scale questionnaires based on Goleman’s leadership styles both for faculty and Heads of the Departments. Results of the study showed the difference between self-reported leadership styles of HoDs and opinion of the faculty. The study mainly suggested leadership courses and training for Heads of the Departments; strong and free communication between HoDs and the faculty; and reflective practices by Heads of the Departments.