Innovative Mindset in School Education: A global issue or trend in Pakistan


  • Syeda Saira Hamid . National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad



Global advancements, Dynamic transformation framework, Innovative mindset


Education and training are emerging now key drivers of competitiveness for any country on the globe. To cope with the globalization a country has to elevate her education system. In Pakistan, HEC upgraded the Teacher Education (TE) by replacing the one-year B.Ed. with the 4 years B.Ed. (Honors). The upgraded TE and the global challenges are well connected with the real implementation of vision 2030 agenda in the School Education (SE). And very crucial to address the advancements in TE for the production of teachers with the innovative mindset to grip the global reach in the future. The Punjab government is planning to stop the upgraded 4-year program offered since 2009 in the 33 Government Elementary Colleges for Teachers Training (GCETs) instead of making them self-sustain. The study with main objectives: i) to collect, need assessment data for the global advancements adaptation from the GCETs. ii) To analyze critically educational documents along with the budget allocation for globalization. iii) To propose a conceived factual framework for transforming teacher education in Punjab was conducted by utilizing mixed research methods, visualized the advanced professional training needs and essential global interventions. Then it strived to propose a transformation mechanism for the elevation of TE. The data analyzed quantitatively and qualitatively through percentages, triangulation and content analysis. The study resolved the globalization issue, by bridging the gaps through a transformation framework outlines for modification in TE. The conceived factual framework is a dynamic revolutionary route to improving the quality of school education via contemporary TE. The suggested framework if implemented in future after validation it would save the scarce resources and provide maximum outputs through quality education.