Impact of Sustainable Employee Retention on Employee Performance in the Baking Industry


  • Muhammad Hasan



Sustainability, sustainable performance, employee performance, , employee retention, banking industry


Purpose - This study investigates the impact of sustainable employee retention on employee performance within the banking industry.

Study Design/Methodology/Approach - Utilizing a quantitative research design, data was collected over a survey questionnaire developed based on validated scales from previous studies. The efficacy of existing staff retention in the banking sector was assessed, and the influence of sustainable employee retention strategies on key performance metrics including productivity, customer satisfaction, and financial success was evaluated. The study aimed to determine the degree to which sustainable employee retention impacts employee performance and offer practical recommendations to strengthen personnel retention strategies and enhance overall performance outcomes. The methodology involved distributing the survey electronically to banking institution staff members and utilizing a simple random sampling technique to ensure representative participation. Descriptive statistics summarized survey responses and demographics, while inferential statistical techniques, such as regression analysis and correlation analysis, discovered the relationships between sustainable employee retention strategies and job performance.

Findings- The findings highlight the critical importance of sustainable employee retention practices in driving employee performance within the banking industry. Significant positive relationships were observed between sustainable employee retention and performance metrics, highlighting the value of investing in initiatives that foster employee engagement, satisfaction, and pledge.

Practical Implications- This research offers factual support. Supporting the importance of sustainable employee retention practices in enhancing employee performance within the banking industry, with practical implications for optimizing human resource management practices and achieving long-term success.

Study Limitation- The current study is limited to industry, scope, and sample size. In the future, some studies will be conducted in other contexts and industries.