Impact of Stress on the Employees of Habib Bank Limited in Pakistan


  • Akbar Ali et al., Dean, Management Information Systems, NUST, Karachi Campus



stress, role stressors, role conflict,, role ambiguity, role overloaded, performance


The main aim of this study was to evaluate the real impact of the stress on employee performance level at Habib Bank Limited. As Stress was considered as emerging sensitive issue in this competitive and growth-oriented era, increasing expectations of employees lead to physiological and psychological stress problems that declined their performance level. In this study, Survey Questionnaire had been applied for this data collection. Data collected from 150 respondents of various branches of Habib Bank Limited was analyzed through the correlation test. The analysis concluded that employees experienced stress when the demands/expectations of the organization go beyond employee’s capability. Stress was the outcome of this role stressor: “role conflict”, “role ambiguity” as well as the “role overload”. Stress occurred when employees had no clarity about their task and duties and were overburdened with work. This research work might help the banking sector to know about effects and reasons of stress on employee’s performance level. Using these findings, banking sector can develop strategies to avoid stress for improving employee performance.