Problems in Creating Conducive Classroom Environment in Teacher Training Institutes


  • Nadeem Khan et al., Lecturer, Institute of Education and Research, University of Peshawar, Pakistan



Conducive Classroom Environment, Teacher Training Institutes, Students and Teachers Views about Conducive Classroom Environment


The present study was designed to investigate the problems in creating a conducive classroom environment in teacher training institutes. The main objective of the study was to pinpoint the perceptions of teachers and students in creating conducive classroom environment. Teachers and students of the Institute of Education and Research, University of Peshawar were taken as population for conducting the research. Ten students each from different semesters and M.Ed were selected randomly as a sample. Similarly, 10 teachers teaching at the institute were also selected as a sample. So, 50 students and ten teachers constituted the sample size of the study. The questionnaire was prepared by a thorough study of the review of the related literature and mutual discussion among the experts. The strongly agree and agree were converted into agreeing, whereas, disagree and strongly disagree were changed into disagreeing. The data were tabulated and then analyzed through percentages. The main conclusions of the study are: Disrespect in the classroom leads to frustration, the climate of the classroom needs to be conducive, there should be no noise and interference, and teacher should value the language in the classroom and that there should be a proper methodology and use of A.V Aids in the classroom. The study recommended that the classroom can be made free of emotional frustration for the students as well as the teachers, good organization and management in the classroom is necessary for conducive learning environment, the classroom may be suitable for group work and activities, workshops and seminars can be arranged for the teachers and that there may be good relationship among the teachers and students.