In-Service Teachers’ Training Program: A step towards quality Education


  • Rooh ul Amin et al., Ph.D. Research Scholar, National Defense University, Islamabad Technology, Islamabad



In-service teachers, teacher training, professional development, quality education.


Teachers are the key factor in promoting quality of education at grass root level. They ought to be kept themselves abreast with the modern approaches in promoting quality of education and get acquainted with professional training for the effective teaching-learning process. The primary aim of the study was to explore the effectiveness of in-service teacher training programs on professional excellence of teachers in promoting quality of education. A total of 75 respondents constitute the sample of the study. A close-ended questionnaire with five point Likert scale was designed and subjected for data collection. The collected data was treated with chi-square statistics. Result indicated that the objectives of the in-service teacher programs were not clearly articulated to teachers, teachers we problem-solving to enroll in in-service teacher programs, the institutes offering in-service teacher training programs lacks the provision of physical facilities, majority of the courses fails to ensures creativity among in-service teachers regarding problem solving approach, A.V. aids were not subjected in teaching-learning process, in-service teachers were not involved in transactional approaches during the training, and organization among theory and practice were lacking. In the light of results, it was recommended that proper articulation of objectives of the program ought to be done to all in–service teachers, proper allocation of funds may be elicited to avoid lacks of physical facilities, and gaps between theory and practice may be removed that the actual crux of the program may be achieved in real sense.