Barriers to Successful Integration of ICT in Education in Baltistan Region


  • Muhammad Iqbal IT Instructor, Government College of Education for Women Skardu Baltistan



NPSTP, ICT, National Education Policy, Barriers


Education is the backbone of any nation and nowadays ICT is becoming the backbone of the education system of any country. The government of Pakistan’s efforts of Integration ICT can be seen in Pakistan’s three policy documents; National Education Policy (2009), National Professional Standard for Teachers in Pakistan (NPSTP) and National ICT strategy. The integration of ICT in Education is inevitable for the survival of teachers in this information society. In the whole country, these policies are not producing the desired educational results and the performance remained unsatisfactory. This research paper was formulated with the intention to acquire the basic hurdle persist behind not acquiring the required anticipated result of ICT specifically in Gilgit Baltistan. In order to get into the severity of this matter different methodology of facts findings were adopted and for this specific matter, Questionnaire/interview method was practiced. As per the Quantitative methodology of questionnaires the finding shows a positive perception of age 30-39 towards the use of ICT, more than 90% of all ages believed in the importance of ICT integration in classrooms. Teachers voted for electricity and infrastructure problems and lack of technical support by authorities as main barriers while some female teachers were found with the thoughts that social/cultural/ethical values are barriers for them to integrate ICT in their courses. These finding will help to propose some strategies to improve successful ICTs integration in Gilgit Baltistan