The Moderating Effect of Organizational Identification on the Relationships between Teachers Perceived Organizational Justice and Burnout Behaviours at College Level


  • Ghazanfar Ali et al., Lecturer, Department of Education, University of Sargodha, Pakistan



Organizational Identification, Organizational Justice, Burnout Behaviours


This study intends to explore whether the perceived deficiency in organizational justice has an impact on the burnout behaviors of college teachers in Sargodha district. Moreover, the role of organizational identification as moderator had also been studied. Data were collected from a sample of 507 teachers. The factor analyses were carried out using structural equation modeling (SEM) and the factor structure of each construct was established. For inferential analysis, the researchers had used the “Partial Least Square-Structural Equation Modelling” (PLS-SEM) approach to analyze the data for testing the key hypothesized relationships of this study. The analyses revealed that the gender, experience, job nature, and type of organization had insignificant effects on the dimensions of teachers’ burnout. The data revealed that organizational justice had a good predictability of teachers’ burnout behaviors. The researchers had also discovered that organizational identification was a significant predictor of teachers’ burnout behaviors. All dimensions of organizational identification significantly moderate the relationship between most of the dimensions of perceived organizational justice and burnout behaviors of college teachers.