Issues in Implementation of Associate Degree in Education and Bachelor of Education Honor Programs in Teacher Education Institutions in Gilgit Baltistan


  • Muhammad Khalid Mahmoodi et al., Assistant Professor Department of Educational Development KIU, Gilgit



ADE, GCETs, TEPPQ, Pedagogies Practices,, B.Ed (Hons)


The present study investigated issues in implementation of ADE and B. Ed. (Hons.) programs as envisioned learner centered pedagogies embedded in the curricula of these programs. This study included all the three GCETs and Karakorum International University from Gilgit Baltistan. and three Public Sector Universities and three GCETS affiliated with these Universities from Punjab. Teacher Educators’ Pedagogical Practices Questionnaire (TEPPQ) was administered to teacher educators and prospective teachers to know prevailing pedagogical practices. Teacher educators and prospective teachers were interviewed to document prevailing pedagogical practices and physical facilities available for implementation of ADE and B. Ed Programs. Findings revealed that both ADE and B. Ed. (Hons.) curricula were being implemented through traditional methods with the dominance of teacher-centered lecture/ presentation instead of envisioned learner centered pedagogies based on constructivist approach. Students raised the issue of poor internet connectivity in the campuses. Laboratories for teaching content courses like physics, chemistry, and biology were not available in departments of educations in Universities or were not equipped in case of GCETs.