The Role of Investors and Financiers’ Support in Globalization of Pakistani Companies


  • Jawaid Ahmed Qureshi Associate Professor, Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology (SZABIST)
  • Muhammad Asif Qureshi PhD scholar at University Utara Malaysia
  • Amanat Ali Jalbani Professor at International Technological University, San Jose, USA.



Globalization, Corporate Globalization, Bank Lending and Corporate Globalization in Pakistan


In the regime of globalization, many companies around the world attempt to globalize their business network beyond domestic boundaries. The stimulus behind that is to nourish, avail opportunities, and earn profits by leveraging the global skills and resources. Such an extension of business can not only benefit them but also to the domestic economies, and overseas economies too in many respects. This study intensively examines the way investors and financers’ assist Pakistani companies to expand their business worldwide. When companies flourish their business ventures and even go global, investors feel confident in investing with them. Similarly, financers trust them and finance them at soft/discounted terms. This is a novel study in the matrix of Pakistan. One earlier research on this issue in some other country ascertained only about the role of bank lending in corporate globalization, while this probe also enlarges its scope by probing about the relationship among investors and globally expanding companies.          

The research design of this study consists of sequential hybrid research approaches. At the first stage, a qualitative study was conducted to have basic acquaintance about the core theme of the investigation, corporate globalization and the role of investors and banks cum lending agencies to support Pakistani companies. At the second stage, quantitative study was conducted to test the hypotheses. The samples belong to the population of top-five export-oriented sectors in Pakistan since many of their companies have globalized their operations. The findings reveal evidence of trust and support by investors, banks, and lending entities to these companies.