Impact of Aversive Leadership on Job Outcomes: Moderation and Mediation Model


  • Tariq Iqbal Khan Assistant Professor, Deptt: of Management Sciences, The University of Haripur, Haripur
  • Henna Gul Nisar Lecturer, Institute of Business and Management Sciences (IBMS), AUP Peshawar
  • Taqadus Bashir 3Associate Professor, Deptt: of Management Sciences, Bahria University Campus, Islamabad
  • Bashir Ahmed Institute of Business and Management Sciences (IBMS), AUP Peshawar



Aversive Leadership, Psychological Hardiness, Work Alienation, Aggressive Voice Behavior, Organizational deviance


Aversive leadership has picked up a lot of consideration as a result of its effect on a few activity results. The motivation behind the momentum inquire about work is coordinated to explore the association of aversive leadership (AVL) with job outcomes (Aggressive voice and organizational deviance), directing psychological hardiness (PH). Work Alienation (WA) was utilized as a mediating variable. Banks from Private sector situated at Peshawar District were chosen to get data. The sample size was 3oo employees from these banks. Random sampling technique was utilized through proportional distribution method and information was gathered through structured questionnaires. The aftereffects of this exploration work examined that AVL has a noteworthy impact on AV and OD. Moreover, WA completely interceded between AVL and an AV and halfway intervened between aversive leadership and organizational deviance. Managers and supervisors should maintain a strategic distance from AVL and attempt to propel and enable their subordinates or supporters to accomplish organizational expressed goals successfully.